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Applicable Taxes for Foreign Investment Enterprises in China: Tariff and Business Tax

With the continuous development of world trade, customs duties accounted for the proportion ofChina’s fiscal revenue is declining. The tariff is a tax for the trade of goods entering and leaving the country or customs territory of goods levied, which … Continue reading

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Notes for Setting up Foreign Representative Office in China

In China, the approval process of registering trademark office is relatively simple, and no registered capital is required. Therefore, many foreign investors will choose to develop their business in China initially. At the same time, the investors should fully aware that … Continue reading

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Forms of China Company Incorporation for Foreign Investment

Throughout the development of the global economy, China’s economic development is particularly striking and its huge market potential also continues to attract global investors. China also plays as a significant role in world economy. Due to political, cultural background and other factors, … Continue reading

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Guideline of China Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise(WFOE) Incorporation

With in-depth understanding of Chinese market of foreign investors, many of them tend to set up wholly foreign-owned enterprise to do business. Setting up wholly foreign-owned enterprises will not only enable the investors to increase marketing decision and response speeds, … Continue reading

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Something You Need to Know about China Trademark Registration

The behaviors of copycat are widely existed in current market, such as “the free-riding against the well-known brand names” and “the imitation of famous brand-name”. The existing of copycat not only disrupted the market order, but also brought the economic … Continue reading

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